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Advertise Your Property

Rental Services

If you are just starting out, or a seasoned renter, we can handle all your needs and create a stunning property page for you.

Property Sales

We offer a comprehensive sales service attracting quality clients with high quality marketing and promotion materials.

Free Photography

We do a full set of professional photographs and virtual tours free of charge when you advertise with us.

We are always interested in taking on new properties, so if you are thinking about renting out or selling your home here in Andalucia, then we would love to hear from you. We can help to guide you through the requirements involved in getting your property “rental ready” or “sale ready” and then work with you and your property to provide quality clients.

Step 1 - Gathering Property details

Rental Properties – What we need in the first instance:

If you are thinking of renting your property and would like to have it included in our portfolio of properties, the first thing to do is to ensure that you have all of the necessary information about the property to hand.

  • Before we can do anything, we need to ensure that your property is fully registered (with a VTAR number) and you can legally rent it out. Don’t worry if you are not sure – we can check this for you and assist in the application if needed.
  • A few (snapshot) photographs and a bit of basic information about the property. A link to your own website is great if you have one, or some photos sent via email will be fine – we will do professional photos later along with full description.
  • Some information about the location and the surroundings (town house, remote cortijo for example).
  • What your current rental status is (new / existing renter, with other agencies, any exclusive contracts etc).
  • Anticipated availability of the property (closed during winter for example)
Property for sales – What we need in the first instance:

To sell your property with us, we will also need to gather further information and to ensure that all the legalities are in place prior to offering it on the website.

  • To start the process off, we will need to establish what paperwork you currently have and if needs be, we can help to access any further documents that are required from the relevant authorities.
  • If you are already registered with another agent, a link to the advert would help us to see the property and the sales details. Or just some current (snapshot) photos to give us an idea of what is on offer.
  • An idea of the timescale you are looking at for the sale and whether the property is currently vacant or you are still living at the property.
  • Whether you have an current commitments such as tenants or pending repairs etc.
  • An idea of the price range you are considering (we can assist with this if you are not sure).

Step 2 - Contact us

Eve Contact

We can be contacted by phone during the office opening hours, or if you prefer, by email at any time. Or you can drop into our office and we can discuss your property rental in person over a cup of tea at a time that suits you.

How to get information to us:
  • We have an owner file sharing area (private for each owner) and can send you a unique link for uploading images and documents
  • You can just email us with a brief description of the property and a few photos and we can call you back to further discuss. Please include your name and telephone number so that we can contact you.
  • You can use our contact form to send us a link to your own file sharing area or to your own website so that we can see the property there.

(We will always try and answer your email within 1 business day. Occasionally email does find its way into spam – so if you do not hear from us in a reasonable time, then please do resend the email or give us a call – we never purposely ignore communications!)

Step 3 - We get together and visit your property


At this stage, you will already have an idea of how we work and we will have looked over the photos / details of your property and will both be happy to proceed to the next stage. This is a fairly informal visit, normally done by one of our members of staff so that they have the best knowledge about your property when discussing it with potential clients that wish to book.

We visit every property that we take on, so will agree with you a mutually suitable time to view the property and meet you (or your caretaker / house manager). This will give us a chance to talk over your requirements and to confirm / organise the next steps: getting the photographer in to do the professional photographs, video and/or virtual tours, measuring up for floor plans (in the case of sales) and creating description notes etc.

During this visit, we also gather information about the property, the surroundings and the local area which is very useful to clients whether renting or buying the property.

Step 4 - Details and photographs


After our initial visit, we will make arrangements for the photographer to come to the property to do a full (professional) shoot of the property – both inside and outside. Depending on the size of the property, and whether it is for rent or sale, the photo shoot can take anything from two to six hours and may include any or all of the following:

  • High quality still photography – between 30 to 40 photographs per property
  • High quality video – between 2 to 6 minutes of video tour of the property
  • 360° Virtual tour – 2 to 6 locations depending on property size
  • Drone footage – depending requirements as well as location and local permissions

We will also complete a form helping us to gather full details about the property so that the final description is both complete and accurate.

Note on photography: The success of the final property page that goes onto our website depends a lot on the visual impact given by the photography. On this basis, the better the property is prepared for the photo shoot, the better the sales/rental results will be. We can provide you with a “fact sheet” that will help you prepare the property in advance of the photographs being taken.

Step 5 - Final checks and go live

Final checks

The final step is that we build a web page specifically for your property. This page includes the following:

  • A full description of the property
  • A full set of photographs of the interior and exterior of the property (and where appropriate, some photographs of the local surroundings)
  • A clear listing of the amenities in the property
  • A full set of seasons and prices
  • An availability calendar showing the current bookings of your property

We send you a link to this page so that you can review all of the information, and once you confirm that all is correct we hit the “Go Live” button.