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Great activities in and around Andalucía

Once you have booked your lovely villa in the heart of Andalucia, there are so many activities to try. Take a look at some of our suggestions . . .

Andalucian Activities

One of the main advantages of choosing this area for your holiday is the variety of Andalucian activities on offer. If you are looking for a holiday that offers more than just a wonderful location and blue skies, why not try some of the numerous activities that this area has to offer!

Our villas, with their lovely gardens and tempting swimming pools are not easy to leave, but maybe lying by the pool all day is not your thing. If that’s the case, let us help you to find the right activity for you and your family.

If you have always wanted to learn to windsurf or try your hand at Vedic Art in spectacular surroundings, now is your chance. Perhaps you would rather learn the basics of handling a bird of prey? Or try sailing a boat on the sunny Mediterranean?

We can advise you about the best offers available in the area of your holiday villa—from horse riding up in the mountains to activities down on the beach—from calming creativity to sports that will get your endorphins going.
Depending on where you decide to holiday, here are some of the activities available . . .

Activities 1 Boat trip
Activities 2 Riding
Andalucian Activities

Horse Riding

Wonderful day-long trail rides or two hour hacks through the Sierra Nevada National and Natural Park. A great opportunity to escape the beaten track and explore first-hand the ancient paths and mountain trails of this unique area. Ride through oak and pine woods, along ancient waterways, enjoy a delicious picnic of local produce and Spanish wine by a snow-fed stream or in the shade of the woods.

Lovely riding trails are also available in other areas in Andalucía, please ask us for more details.

Activities 4 Riding
Activities 5 Riding
Activities 6 Riding

Boat Trips

In a natural area of unquestionable beauty, can you imagine a better way to enjoy the privileged sunsets other than from a boat? Costa Tropical: Three or six-hour boat trips includes drinks, snacks and water, sports gear for snorkelling and paddleboard.

Boat trips are also available in other areas, please ask us for more details.

Activities 7 Sailing
Activities 8 Boat
Activities 9 sailing


Parahawking is paragliding and interacting with a trained bird of prey in its own natural environment. By combining paragliding with the ancient art of falconry, trained vultures will fly with you and guide you through the sky as you fly. This activity is an enrichment exercise for non-releasable, rehabilitated raptors and a new way to promote global vulture conservation issues.

Activities 12 Parahawking

Water Activities

Activities 13 water
Activities 14 Water
Activities 15 Water
Activities 16 Water

Enjoy a splashy adventure with your family! Water sports activities guarantee fun for adults and children. All you have to do is take your swimsuit! From canoeing, kayaking or windsurfing to white-water rafting, or paddle boarding, the latest additions to the water sports world are waiting for you and your family.

There is a wide range of activities on offer all around Andalucía.

Aventura Alpujarra 6


Walking is a must in Andalucia, please let us advise you of the best experienced guides in your area.

To name just a few of our local experts: Marc and Mady in Poniente Granadino, George in Las Alpujarras and if you are in the Ronda Mountains region—the fantastic guided walks with Guy Hunter-Watts, author of ‘Walking in Andalucía’, ‘Coastal Walks of Andalucía’ and ‘The Andalucian Coast to Coast Walk’.

Activities 17 Walking 1
Activities 18 Walking
Activities 19 Massage


Indulge in a relaxing massage with chiropractic and Essalen techniques. Using essential oils especially chosen for you, this deep massage will help rid you of tension, leaving your mind clear and your body light.

Vedic Art

Vedic Art gives you practical tools for opening up creativity. One-day introductory Workshop that includes all materials (paint, brushes, paper, canvas)

Activities 20 Art Vedic
Activities 21 Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey

An incredible team of raptors including Hawks, Owls, Falcons and Vultures. During a 3 hour morning or afternoon session with a highly experienced team, learn the basics of handling a bird of prey and how to use the specialist equipment. Take the birds on a hawk walk around the field and have them follow you from tree to tree then land gently on your outstretched arm. Take a stroll with the amazing Vultures then witness them soar using the rising thermal currents, then as they disappear into the blue skies, call them down to gently land on your arm.

All ages welcome, a great activity for all the family.

Activities 22 Birds of Prey

More Andalucian activities

  • Ballooning
  • Rafting
  • Kayaking
  • Cycling
  • Skiing
  • Scuba diving
  • Rock climbing
  • Kite-surfing
  • Quad Biking
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