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Environmental concerns

Environmental groups around the world working together

Unfortunately, as is well known, our planet is currently facing many concerns. Environmental work has never been so important.

Ozone depletion, greenhouse effect leading to global warming, desertification and deforestation are just a few of the problems causing the loss of biodiversity.

Here at Andalucian Sky we firmly believe that now more than ever, it is of extreme importance that we all do our utmost to work together against climate change.

Different environmental groups around the world play an important role in educating people as to how their small actions, when combined together, can play a major role in protecting this planet.

Their objectives are to conserve natural resources and the existing natural environment and, where possible, to repair and reverse trends.

environmental work


We are very happy to inform our friends and clients about Andalucian Sky´s collaboration with the ecological organization, Buxus.

Buxus is a local association whose aim is to protect natural landscapes and their wildlife. Charca Suarez nature reserve and the Sierra de Lujar benefit from their conservation programs.

Charca Suarez is a natural reserve with more than 160 bird species, aquatic birds and amphibians, some of them in danger of extinction. Covering 14 hectares it is the main wetland of the Granada coast.

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National and Natural Parks in Andalucia

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The Crested or Red-knobbed coot

A magnificent endangered bird

In 1990 the Crested or Red-knobbed Coot was on the verge of disappearing from the area altogether.

The dramatic situation faced by these birds led to Andalucia signing up to the International Action Plan that was implemented in a race against the clock to save the bird from extinction.

Since then, around 300 birds have been released into the wild from captive breeding programs.

Eight of these birds (four couples) were released in Charca Suarez during the spring of 2013, and since then this has been one of the few places where they can be seen, and where we hope that they will be able to mate and establish a permanent colony.

Image below courtesy of Rafael Mateos.

Fochas cornudas

From coast to mountain

Explore the wetlands and other Natural parks in Andalucia

There are many wading birds that are generally easy to observe, thanks to the typical wetland in La Charca.

They feed mainly in shallow water to find insects and other invertebrates, fish and frogs.

The Purple heron, Night heron, and Squacco heron are other endangered species that find refuge in Charca Suarez.

Image of Crested coot below, courtesy of Rafael Mateos.

Our clients in the area are more than welcome to visit the reserve. It is a nice walk through Mediterranean and tropical vegetation, the path takes you to different bird observatories where you can enjoy watching the birds and listen to the sounds of their happy goings-on.

However, if you choose to stay with us in any other area of Andalucia, you will be surprised by the wide selection of wonderful Natural and National parks throughout Andalucia, see details on our map below.

10 Focha Común
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Sierra Lujar

Home of the Spanish Ibex

Sierra de Lujar in Granada province is the wilderness region, inland from the Costa Tropical.

Sierra de Lujar is rich in biodiversity, home to a wealth of animal species. Look out for the Spanish Ibex (wild goat), wild boar, fox, marten, genet, weasel, badger and the wildcat!

A variety of raptors nest in this mountain including the Golden eagle, Partridge eagle, Peregrine falcon, goshawk and kestrel.

The Sierra is also a habitat for night birds including owls.

Clients who visit this area may be lucky to see some of these beautiful creatures and hear the distinctive call of the Scops owl.

Wild goat

More of Andalucia's nature

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