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Photography & Promotion

Property Photography

Our high quality photographs are developed to showcase your property at its best. Bright interiors and blue skies.

Video and Drone

High quality video and exterior drone footage help to show off the qualities of your lovely property from every angle.

Location Photography

Create a complete package of information about your property and the area with some additional location shots.

360º Virtual Tours

Let us showcase your property with a 360º virtual tour. Guests can visit from the comfort of their own home.

Property Promotion

To compliment the visual materials for your property, a complete and accurate description enhances the final package.

Website Development

To expand on other advertising, many property owners create their own more detailed websites. We are here to help.

When it comes to property photography and knowing the property market as well as Andalucian Sky does, for both holiday rentals and sales, there are three key elements for success in presenting a property. There is no substitute for the visuals — stunning photographs of what is on offer, complimented by a video or 360º virtual tour will catch the eye of a potential guest or buyer. Then, a comprehensive description will hold their interest. And finally, a friendly encounter with our efficient staff will seal the deal. We offer all three here at Andalucian Sky.

If you are thinking of renting or selling your property and do it through us, we include these promotional services for free. Or if you want to go it alone, check out our prices below. Andalucian Sky aims to make your photoshoot day stress free and straightforward.

Property Photography

Without doubt, it is photographs that are the most important way to offer a property to the world at large.

Andalucian Sky take their property photography seriously to make sure your property is shown off to its best.

We use high resolution cameras and lenses as well as time and care.

A speciality of ours is to use a technique whereby different light levels in a house can be balanced.

This means a darker interior can be shown in detail with a bright, sunny garden clearly visible through a window.

A beautiful blue sky at perfect exposure does wonders for an interior shot.

We´ll provide you with images in 4K, full high definition (HD) and web ready sizes as part of the standard photo package.

Video and Drone Footage

We are equipped and have the ability to provide full HD (up to 60 fps) and 4K (up to 30fps) video footage of your property.

We can edit this to be suitable for web use as well as for upload to social media sites.

We use powered gimbals for stabilised footage and smooth transitions.

Later this year Andalucian Sky will be offering drone video and photography.

If you would like to have drone work done, then please contact us to let us know and we will contact you as soon as we are taking work orders.

Sit back and enjoy the movie

To show off some of the great features, whether selling or renting, a professional video is a great idea.

Location Photography

Extra photos of the landscape around the property add to your package and gives a real ‘flavour’ of what you’re offering.

We are happy to take additional photographs to and from the area, as well as visiting any local towns or landmarks that are of interest which may improve your rental or sale potential.

It is also worth doing some investigation yourself.

Interesting local activities (fishing, sporting, restaurants etc) and noteworthy sightseeing attractions can either be photographed or at least added to the property description when this is created.

Local festivities (with their appropriate dates) add colour and a unique selling point.

Every little helps your competitive edge.

360º Virtual Tours

Using the same high resolution cameras for our photography, specialist lenses and state of the art software, Andalucian Sky offer the fully interactive 360º virtual tour.

The tour is a great way to showcase your property, either to focus on one or two important features, a stunning pool or a suite of luxurious bedrooms perhaps.

Or we can create a full tour of your property allowing the client to select the room of interest from a menu or to wander from room to room perusing every detail that your property has to offer.

And if your client has a position aware device, such as some tablets and mobiles, they can turn on the gyro capability and just point their device wherever they want to look.

A full 360º virtual tour

Let guests or clients take a roam around your property without having to travel

Wherever you see this symbol you can click/touch it to go to another part of the virtual tour.

PC: Click and drag to move around. Spin your mouse wheel to zoom in or out.

Mobile: Drag around with your finger. Zoom with two finger “pinch”. Or touch the compass icon to use giro view.

Property Promotion

Describing a property clearly and attractively is not so easy.

Andalucian Sky can provide a full walk-through style write up of the property, describing each room in detail.

The result is that the reader has a full understanding of the property and its layout.

We also provide a detailed itinerary of the facilities of the property which covers the list of options detailed in the facilities sections of the major rental and sales websites.

With clear, appealing photographs and a well-crafted description, you are well armed to start promoting your property yourself or for Andalucian Sky to add it to the most appropriate websites for your type of property.

Website Development

Andalucian Sky offer a complete website development service. We can help you to procure and register a domain name, provide you with hosting services, and get your website with associated email addresses up and running.

Today there are lots of great responsive templates available, at minimal cost, so it makes sense to choose a template to start with and tailor it to suit your needs.

By doing this, Andalucian Sky can keep the cost of the overall development down.

Within the website you can include (but are not limited to):

  • Slide shows, videos, social media links etc.
  • Availability calendars.
  • Contact forms, maps and mailing lists.
  • Blogs and galleries.

Andalucian Sky will give you a complete quotation, breaking down the work to be done and all of the costs.

The quote will also include the cost of domain name registration and renewal (annual fee), hosting services (annual fee), the website development (one-off fee) and photography/description services (one-off fee).

If you need further information please do call us for an informal chat, there’s no obligation.

Completion and Delivery

On completion of your work, Andalucian Sky will load your photographs onto your own private file location (cloud based) and you will receive three sets of images in the 4K, HD and web ready format.

The sizes of these formats are as follows:

  • 4K – The accepted final resolution for this format is 3840 x 2160 pixels.
  • HD – The accepted final resolution for this format is 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  • Web ready – These images are delivered at 1200 x 800 pixels.

In addition, if you have requested a property description and distribution service, this will be delivered to you as a Microsoft Word document as well as a PDF document.

These will be uploaded to the same file location as the images.

If Andalucian Sky is going to add your villa to any of the currently existing online villa rental or sales websites, then we will need to discuss this with you in more detail at the time.

We will need to work with you in order to create the necessary accounts, making payments facilities etc.

Updating Work

Andalucian Sky are happy to provide you with an update service for any of the above.

If any part of your property changes (redecoration, new furniture, new pool!) then we can provide new photographs and an updated description which just relates to these changes.

This can be done on an hourly basis or we can provide you with a fixed quotation.

If the work is not urgent, then it would be more economical to let us know in advance so we can schedule the work to coincide with other jobs in the same geographical location.

Similarly, once we have completed your website development, we can hand this over to you in totality, or we can continue to maintain the site for you on an ongoing basis.

Suggested Price Guides

To give you an idea of the prices, we have set out some package ideas. We can provide bespoke pricing to cover any requirements that you have.

Super Deal
From 30 Images
"Everything needed to get seen"
Starting at 200€
Contact us

30 Images

Interior and Exterior

No Location Images

No Video

No Virtual Tour

Full post processing

No Property Description

On-line delivery

From 40 Images + Video
"Go a little further with high quailty video"
Starting at 400€
Contact us

40 Images

Interior and Exterior

Location Images

Up to 5 minutes of video


3 station virtual tour

Full post processing

No Property Description

On-line delivery

*Placement on 1 advertising site

From 60 Images + Videos + More
"For the larger and luxurious property"
Starting at 700€
Contact us

60 Images

Interior and Exterior

Location Images

Up to 10 minutes of video


5 station virtual tour

Full post processing

Property Description

On-line delivery

*Placement on up to 3 sites


**Hosting and Website

Prices: Please note that all prices above exclude IVA.

Additional images available on request, please ask for pricing.

*You will need to have an account on your chosen advertising site(s), and all costs of advertising your property are your responsibility.

**You will need a domain name and a hosting package for your website. Please enquire about these fixed/annual costs and your options.

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